Interventions and Consultations

Interventions, like at New College or the anti-Indian battles, take a lot of energy and focus. Consultations, however, can be as simple as introducing someone who is active to someone else who has specialized information or documents that can make all the difference. Correspondents, who let us know what’s going on, play an essential role in that.

College students I have spoken with as a guest presenter are initially dazed by the reality we inhabit, combing the alleyways of public affairs for villains. But I also show them how we confronted and defeated evil with a handful of people and the proceeds from a couple of garage sales. They think that’s pretty cool, and once in a while I get a note from somewhere saying our help worked when they ventured for themselves into social conflict.

The times we actually saved the lives of activists by getting the goods on vigilantes made it all worthwhile. Knowing there are young people out there running down evil warms our hearts.


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