Neoliberal Fascism

Neoliberals like Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama are fascists. They are not racists like Pat Buchanan, nor theocrats like Sarah Palin, but they are fascists. As fascists, they are committed to state-sponsored violence for the benefit of Wall Street. That violence is exercised in foreign and domestic affairs. Wars of aggression, surveillance and repression of dissent constitute a fascist agenda.

As a rationalization of theft, fascism in America incorporates much more than the Minutemen and Tea Parties; while these white supremacy factions of fascism are especially repugnant, the rationalization of theft found in the neoliberal privatization project is far more lethal in terms of scope and numbers. While Wise Use fascists (industry) might be uncomfortable with Christian Patriot fascists, their mutual willingness to use violence to maintain power and privileges based on wealth or race make them natural allies.

Excusing Wise Use because they are not racists or theocrats is common among progressives. One can see this in progressive defense of Obama or enthusiasm for his successor wannabe Hillary. But racist and theocratic fascism cannot be defeated by cuddling up to Wall Street fascists. One has to be against fascism in all its forms, or not at all.