Full Spectrum Dominance

As the infosphere becomes inundated by fossil-fueled front groups like 350, psychological warfare leading up to climate change week in New York (September 20-26) will play a distorting role in the public imagination; spectacle above all! Blaming the fossil fuel industry for climate change — while ignoring the fossil fuel demand by hypocritical consumers — will assuage the public conscience, while offering no practical, honest solutions.

This is Netwar at its most challenging; Communications in Conflict.

For those who actually want to do something constructive, as opposed to engaging in NGO-fostered fantasies, we offer the following:

  • Cut fossil fuel consumption! End fossil fuel export! 
  • Walk, bike, paddle and gallop to a climate convergence near you!
  • Stop flying on airplanes for marches, ecotourism and social forums! 
  • Take no fossil fuel money from Shell Oil, Ford and Rockefeller Brothers Fund!
  • Get real! Don’t sell-out like First Peoples Worldwide (Shell) or 350 (Rockefeller)!

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