Into Oblivion: RINGOs BINGOs Klein and Company

One week out from the climate week chaos, the anticipation of something historic — once again — generates a lot of noise, but not much learning. Learning will come later, after the groupie chatter and celebrity banalities subside. Like the Academy Awards, after the glitter and glamour of trite starlets like Naomi Klein begins to fade, ordinary people will get on with their lives, while the moneyed darlings carry on in their fantasy world. While it is not surprising that Wall Street creations like Klein and friends dazzle the devotees of these vapid luminaries become famous by stating blatantly obvious platitudes, it is quite remarkable that they still manage to wow their adherents with cult-like mastery.

In time, the authentic activists — volunteers not careers — will be seen as true leaders, while the corporate fronts like Klein are recognized as frauds–hijacking the environmental movement on behalf of the aristocracy. Possibly, as indigenous nations bring forward genuine proposals, not phony projects like those promoted by 350, workable solutions to fossil fuel misuse might emerge. While it will be a challenge for honest, practical ideas to be heard over the foundation-sponsored noise — amplified by Rockefeller-influenced NGOs (RINGOs) — it will be easy to spot the Wall Street team; the big international NGOs (BINGOs) like 350 have unlimited funds, used to grab the media spotlight, as well as herd their colorfully-uniformed adherents from meaningless event to meaningless event, ad infinitum.

While it is sad that consumers of this spectacle allow themselves to be brainwashed, indeed crave it, there is some hope that someday they will recognize the patterns of social engineering and emotional manipulation they’ve been subjected to. For the thousands of people worldwide that have been hoodwinked by Klein and company, it will be disheartening — generating disbelief, anger, resentment, and hostility — some toward the frauds, some toward the messengers shining a light on the hoax. But better the pain of embarrassment at being duped, than suffering the horrible consequences from supporting the charlatans and opportunists presently leading the world into oblivion.

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