Anti-Indian Movement

The Anti-Indian Movement was first documented by Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) chair Rudolph C. Ryser. [1] “Like the closely related Wise Use Movement, the Anti-Indian Movement in the United States deploys malicious harassment and violent bigotry toward American Indian tribes in conflict with land developers, state and local governments, and fossil fuel exporters over such issues as tribal sovereignty, treaty fishing rights, taxation, and sacred site protection.” [2]

A conference – hosted by CWIS, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI) and the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment (NCAMH) – facilitated a dialogue between public policy activists and Indian nations about how to jointly address the “portentous movements intent on promoting interracial discord and a growing politics of fear”.  Presenters at the conference included former National Congress of American Indians President Joe DeLaCruz (Quinault Nation), NCAMH executive director Bill Wassmuth, Western States Center organizer Tarso Ramos, Rudolph C. Ryser, and Public Good Project research director Paul deArmond. [3]

In 2000, Ken Toole observed that the public education system is doing a woefully inadequate job of providing information to students on Indian issues, resulting in citizens that are increasingly ignorant about treaty rights and tribal sovereignty—making them far more vulnerable to the politics of resentment offered up by the Anti-Indian Movement. [4]

In 2013, Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA), “The Ku Klux Klan of Indian Country”, initiated a nationwide campaign aimed at undermining tribal sovereignty. [5] Special reports by Charles Tanner Jr [6] and Jay Taber [7] exposed the April 6, 2013 CERA Northwest Round-Up Regional Educational Conference held to teach local officials and citizens how to take on tribal governments.

In 2014, Jay Taber examined the driving force of the Anti-Indian Movement—“located in Christian Identity doctrine, Christian Right resources and Christian Patriot practice”. [8]

In 2013, money-laundering by fossil fuel export developers in the Pacific Northwest into the hands of CERA-supporting, Tea Party-led PACs, financed Anti-Indian/Wise Use terrorism targeting Lummi Nation and ATNI tribal leaders opposing the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point. [9]


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