The Day After

The campaign of Bernie Sanders, the only decent human being running for president, has breathed oxygen into the smoldering resentment against Wall Street’s control of American politics, begun in 2012 with #Occupy. The question for America’s future is not whether Sanders can defeat the crass, war-mongering Hillary Clinton, the corrupt Democratic National Committee, and the rigged aristocratic system that both parties represent. The question is what will the millions who supported Bernie in his quest do the day after Hillary is anointed. Will they begin organizing to end the US war-mongering that created Islamic terrorism, or will they return to their complacent, meaningless lives of oblivion?


Much as we’d like to turn back the clock to before September 11, 2001, the fact is the cynical actions of the Bush administration guaranteed the escalation of Islamic terrorism well into the future, and the reckless actions of the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made sure the international Islamic terrorist network got their hands on sufficient stockpiles of US-made weaponry to conduct terrorism against the citizenry of Europe and the United States for a long time. Hillary’s election as President of the United States would turbo-charge this cycle of provocation and revenge.


There is now no avoiding this threat to American and European civilians, only responses, which are sufficiently institutionalized to create never-ending hatred and bloodshed, while nihilists like the Clintons see only profit to be made for themselves and their friends through arms-trafficking, influence-peddling, and money-laundering. Looming in the near future is an American society where poverty continues to skyrocket, repression of dissent is rampant, and social infrastructure continues to crumble. As catastrophic terrorist incidents become regular events in the US, not just an occasional horror, hysteria will add to the bedlam and chaos, until civil liberties become a thing of the past.


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