Social Arena

The escalating insecurity and instability caused by state-imposed austerity, war economies, lethal disease and religious fundamentalism affects all humankind. Our ability to mentally cope with these formidable threats and challenges requires collaboration and cooperation between all peoples, nations and states. That tenuous collaboration would benefit foremost from an appreciation of the ideas and relationships examined in Tribes Institutions Markets Networks: A Framework About Societal Evolution by David Ronfeldt, retired senior sociologist at RAND.

Self-determination, of both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, is the essence of democracy. Democracy, which is essentially a discursive process, only works when we prioritize intelligence over emotion. Exposing fantasies about political power and civil society agendas–based on the emotional manipulations exercised by financial elites that control consciousness through the creation of discursive monoculture–allows us to increase political literacy and logic founded on information, knowledge, intelligence and understanding.

Awash in false hope that leads to cynicism and despair, social media–marketed by agents of the financial elite–is an arena we must enter in order to expose these intellectual threats and challenges. Exposing them in a coherent and comprehensive manner requires research and analysis, combined with communication skills that can overcome the constraints on the public imagination imposed by financial dependence that limits social strategies. Preparing leadership depends on a commitment to investment in mentoring by tribes and networks that have the capacity to design, develop and transmit a common sense of identity, based on knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

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