Public Good’s network of researchers, analysts, journalists and educators across the US and Canada contribute to informational public health. We’ve worked with League of Women Voters, Earth Ministry, the Center for World Indigenous Studies, and the Coalition for Human Dignity. Our reports have been published by RAND, and cited by major educational institutions, the UN, and congressional committees.

By providing facts that help people make sense of social conflict, Public Good correspondents empower them to engage more safely and effectively in public affairs. Through investigative research, we collect primary documents that can be used as evidence in court. These in turn create a larger context of history and policy analysis, that serves as the basis for informed opinion based on knowledge.

Our consultations, introductions and interventions have saved lives of activists, and scuttled the careers of fascists, racists and frauds. Putting together COHERENT AND COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS of social conflict requires monitoring situations, and discussing them with colleagues, in order to advise and mentor people on how to be safe and effective. Our ongoing monitoring of CERA — the “Ku Klux Klan of Indian Country” — and the Tea Party, as well as Wise Use political action committees and front groups has enabled us to routinely provide the public with key information in a timely manner.

Out of our collegial networking come ideas for new approaches in the applied research we are called on to conduct. Often, valuable information comes to us as a result of our LONG-STANDING ONLINE PRESENCE, our renowned expertise, and our extensive network.

Since 2007, we have monitored, consulted, and intervened in the conflict between indigenous nations and modern states within the context of the United Nations. In 2015, we outlined the story for production of Mandates from God–a groundbreaking documentary film about WHITE POWER, INDIGENOUS PEOPLES and FOSSIL FUEL EXPORT.

With the convergence of Wall Street and the Tea Party, the resurgence of right-wing paramilitary organizing in the United States has made our work more important than ever.  Few human rights organizations are paying attention to CERA, despite the fact that they are actively working with the Tea Party to terminate American Indian tribes. Likewise, few are paying attention to the monstrous movement of INDUSTRIAL-SPONSORED TERRORISM called Wise Use.

By prioritizing INTELLIGENCE OVER EMOTION, we expose progressive fantasies about political power, and reveal how donor elites set the civil society agenda. With your donation, We can continue to lead the pack–informing and empowering all movements, organizations, networks, and activists across the continent who are committed to defending democracy. You can take pride in knowing you helped!


We organized the first national research conference on right-wing paramilitary activities, and wrote Wise Use in Northern Puget Sound–a seminal report on the ties between militias, property rights groups, and white supremacists in Washington State. Public Good was the first source quoted in world media to accurately assign responsibility for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to domestic terrorists–two days before the FBI caught on.

In 1996, Public Good uncovered legal papers linking Fortuna Alliance (previously Whole Earth Alliance) to the Constitutionalist movement. The resultant action by the Federal Trade Commission was the largest ever taken involving fraud on the Internet. The white supremacist Christian Patriot pyramid scheme at the time was raking in millions from gullible New Agers who thought they were building “a new world economy”.

Our research led to the 1997 federal explosives and firearms convictions of Christian Patriots in Seattle, and helped Montana Human Rights Network close down a hate radio station near the Flathead Indian Reservation. We later helped Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment organize and promote “Not in Our Town”– a national anti-hate crime campaign.

In 2000, the Albion Monitor published Black Flag Over Seattle –a 20-part Special Report by Public Good research director Paul de Armond, the most widely cited account of the 1999 World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference. In San Francisco, our white paper for Park Merced Tenants Association positioned citywide tenants to win the electoral battle against Leona Helmsley’s campaign to repeal rent control.

In 2005, our report Racist Origins of Border Militias was cited by Washington State Human Rights Commission executive director Marc Brenman at the On the Border national human rights conference to discuss the recurrence of vigilantes as a political pressure group.

In 2002, we contributed to development of the Activism and Social Change graduate program at New College of California (San Francisco), and in 2007 we helped students, alumni and faculty remove the school president Martin Hamilton for malfeasance. In 2008, we published Waco on Valencia, documenting the demise of the school under a corrupt board of trustees led by Peter Gabel.

In 2008, we helped Melissa Farley at Prostitution Research and Education stop brothel owners and other organized crime figures from legalizing prostitution in San Francisco, and in 2010 joined PRE in forcing Craigslist to remove human trafficking ads for women and children sex slaves from its website.

Our research published at IC Magazine in April 2013, Anti-Indian Conference, was first in world media to expose a nationwide campaign by CERA – “the Ku Klux Klan of Indian country” — to terminate American tribes. Our March 2015 press release noted Gateway Pacific Terminal coal export consortium-funded racism, aimed at the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, using Tea Party-led PACs.

In March 2013, IC and Public Good were first in world media to report on the anti-democratic manipulations by the North American Indigenous Peoples Caucus, and its attempt to exclude tribal government participation in producing agenda items for the Global Indigenous Peoples Conference in Norway. In July 2013, we collaborated with IC and Wrong Kind of Green collective to publish Communications in Conflict, an introduction to the topic of netwar.

In 2014, we contributed to exposure of the fossil fuel divestment hoax and the KXL social engineering by Warren Buffett through his pet NGO–350. Our research on the 2014 UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, Netwar in the Big Apple, was published by Counterpunch, and used for the exclusive interview — Fourth World Geopolitics and the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples — of Center for World Indigenous Studies chair, Dr. Rudolph C. Ryser,  by IC editor-in-chief John Schertow.

As we begin the second generation at Public Good, we look forward to continuing our work as advisors to academics, editors, filmmakers and publishers. Shining a Light, in 2015, on how civil society is misled by NGOs like Avaaz into institutionalizing powerlessness, in 2016, we shattered the shell of foundation-sponsored social spectacle, and drove a stake through the heart of the Wise Use Movement of industrialized terrorism.