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Public Good presents a new research resource: Documents on Demand

These files are scanned at 180 dpi and stored as GIFs. They will appear magnified on your web browser. You can view them by panning and scrolling, or print them out from your browser (some clipping will occur.)

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Voila! Another service from the Public Good Project.

Washington Secretary of State Release Files

An index of the central filing from Washington State. Like a county recorder’s office, this file was used by “Patriots” to record their pseudo legal documents. The original purpose of the release file was to provide attorney’s with a central filing location for things like a release from being appointed executor of an estate. The file was closed in 1995 due to its use by “Patriots.”


Fortuna Alliance Documents

The Fortuna Alliance is a Ponzi scheme operating out of Bellingham, WA. One of the principals, Libby Welch, has filed several “sovereign citizen” documents — including a bogus “federal common law lien” — with the Whatcom County Auditor’s office.


Spokane, WA Robbery Note

This is a facsimile of one of the two notes left at the scene in Spokane.



Washington Secretary of State Release Files

1986 – 1992
1992 page 2

1993 page 1
1993 page 2
1993 page 3
1993 page 4

1994 page 1
1994 page 2
1994 page 3
1994 page 4
1994 page 5
1994 page 6
1994 page 7
1994 page 8

1995 page 1
1995 page 2
1995 page 3
1995 page 4
1995 page 5



Fortuna Alliance

Contract — The “declaration of contract” on one side of the Fortuna Alliance form.

Form — The order form sent in with payments to the Fortuna Alliance.

Revocation of Power of Attorney — Libby Welch states severs her connection to her Social Security number.

Oath — Libby Welch takes an oath of allegiance to Washington.

Declaration page 1 — Libby Welch’s declaration as a “white natural born state Citizen.”

Declaration page 2 — Libby Welch’s declaration as a “white natural born state Citizen.”

Lien — A bogus “Federal Common Law Lien” that Libby Welch filed against herself in an attempt to avoid a writ of restitution (Whatcom County Superior Court # 91-2-0211-0).

Another site for you to visit:
Federal Trade Commission Web Site This is the FTC web site for information on the action taken in Federal Court by the FTC on May 29, 1996.



Spokane Note

The note has been clipped at top and bottom. At the bottom of page 2, a portion of what looks like an uppercase “P” can be seen.

Page 1
Page 2




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