American Militias by Richard Abanes

The Politics of Righteousness by James Aho

Right-Wing Populism in America by Chip Berlet

Soundtracks to the White Revolution by Devin Burghart

Networks and Netwars (Chapter 7) by Paul de Armond

Roads to Dominion by Sara Diamond

Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada by Melissa Farley

People Power Change by Luther P. Gerlach

The War Against the Greens by David Helvarg

The World Turned Right Side Up by Godfrey Hodgson

Lone Patriot by Jane Kramer

The Terrorist Next Door by Daniel Levitas

In God’s Country by David A. Neiwert

Let the People Judge (contribution) by Tarso Ramos

The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico by David Ronfeldt

Indigenous Nations and Modern States by Rudolph C. Ryser

People Land Truth 2013 edited by John Schertow

Books by Jay Taber

Drumming Up Resentment by Ken Toole

American Armageddon by Eric K. Ward

The United Nations and Transnational Organized Crime by Phil Williams

Blood and Politics by Leonard Zeskind


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