Public Good is a Network

Public Good is a new form of social organization. It is a network, rather than a chartered institution or an organization. As a network, it is flexible, adaptive and oriented towards a constantly evolving set of goals and priorities best suited to the defense of democracy.

As a network, Public Good participants function as correspondents and colleagues. The primary function of a network participant is to communicate — and that’s something that we do very well. Public Good has often served as the means by which new connections were forged between previously isolated citizens and issue advocacy groups.

It is a basic premise of Public Good that facts come first. Many, if not most, social organizations put policy advocacy first and fact-finding second. This may be adequate in the early stages of a movement of social transformation, but doctrine becomes stale quite rapidly in a changing world. We believe that the crisis facing many advocacy groups today comes from overly rigid doctrines that no longer reflect the state of our dynamic and changing world.