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Punjabi Cowboy

Violence against Sikhs in America — a faith based on equality with a heavy emphasis on social justice — can be attributed to a combination of ignorance about non-Christian religions, and a long history of racism. Sikhs wear turbans, but they are neither Hindu or Muslim; they are Sikh.

In the aftermath of 9/11, a Sikh in San Francisco’s Mission District stood at a bus stop in front of me wearing his turban with a ten-gallon Stetson hat on top. To me, this signified a dark humor about bigotry in the US.


The Protestant Media Complex

In Residual and Resurgent Protestantism in the American Media (and Political) Imaginary, Stewart M. Hoover examines the evolving moral culture in the US, and the Protestant vision for America. In this essay, he discusses relations between religion and media, in particular the recurring Protestant anxieties over the progress of modernity.

Domesticating the American private sphere under a Protestant moral regime, he notes, relies on an imagined past. As Hoover observes, that imagined past “provides a powerful symbolic framing of values and ideals for received, commonsense, traditionalist readings of American cultural history,” evident in the fact that 75% of Trump supporters saw the 1950s as the ideal decade, the one they wanted to bring back.

Chicago Libre

Privatization of education in the US is not yet encountering organized resistance like in Mexico, but as Wall Street and the White House continue to impose this anti-democratic initiative and others on American society, the day is approaching when anti-privatization strikes in Chicago may mirror those in Colombia. As poverty and social exclusion intensifies as a result of neoliberal fascism and its privatizing agenda, the streets in America could soon look like Oaxaca Libre.

Talk to Action

Our feature site to wrap up 2013 is Talk to Action, a learning house of the religious left in America, challenging the religious right. We encourage readers concerned about mounting religious bigotry — indeed, alarmed about religious fascism in the United States — to take a look at the thoughtful discussions and horrifying videos produced about this threatening political phenomenon. With growing violent religious intolerance, it’s none too soon to become informed–and engaged.