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Just Passing Through

Descending into a New Dark Age — an era ruled by transnational criminal networks — total chaos is becoming our new social reality. Due to the corroding influence of Agents of Chaos, we are already beginning an apparently permanent period of total war worldwide.

Escalating instability — caused by state-imposed austerity, internally displaced persons, war refugees, climate change, and a skyrocketing membership in religious fundamentalism — means our ability to mentally cope is diminishing. And the agents of chaos are in the driver’s seat.

Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria–a documentary about antibiotics misuse that has promulgated untreatable lethal disease — suggests human overpopulation, and its attendant climate change impacts, might not be a future problem. Perhaps, as a species, we are just passing through.


Year 16

As Glenn Greenwald writes, “Pretending that Trump is some grand aberration, some radical departure from U.S. history and values, is simply a deceitful way of whitewashing what we have collectively endorsed and allowed…Opposing Trump’s assault on basic liberties requires a clear understanding of the framework that gave rise to it.”

Meanwhile, a federal judge has issued a nationwide injunction halting implementation of part of the executive order to deport travelers with valid visas. This, however, has not quelled the chaos the presidential order has created at Homeland Security.