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The Stoners

In the movie The Kite Runner, there is a scene where adulterers are stoned to death by the Taliban during half-time of a soccer match in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, in real-life Uganda, homosexuality is a capitol offense.

In January 2009, president-elect Barack Obama chose homophobic pastor Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. In 2013, the acclaimed documentary God Loves Uganda — which depicts the role of American conservative evangelicals (Warren’s proteges) in generating vicious anti-gay campaigns there — premiered in New York.

On Friday, U.S. Ambassador to the UN — Nikki Haley — voted against a resolution condemning the death penalty for LGBTQ people.


The Narrative Form of Scapegoating

In this video, our friend Chip Berlet examines religious politics, secular values, dominionism and conspiracy theory in America. Included in his enlightening half-hour talk, Berlet recounts the Puritan heritage and the evolution of Christian fundamentalism that became the Christian Right. More importantly, Chip discusses how the toxic ideas of conservative evangelicals spreads throughout US society in the form of conspiracy theories as the narrative form of scapegoating.