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White Water

The WA GOP Senate is currently holding the capital budget hostage over the WA Supreme Court ruling on water rights. This is the focus of CERA recruitment, not fossil fuel export, although both serve as Anti-Indian organizing tools.
If a Christian Patriot militia drive recurs, it is most likely to happen over water conflicts, and since these conflicts have the potential to disrupt heavy industrial development, Wise Use funding of racist terrorism will probably escalate.

Be Careful What You Ask For

The only way House Republicans would bring articles of impeachment against President Trump is if the RNC concluded he was doing irreparable harm to the GOP. For that reason alone, Democrats should do everything possible to make sure he fills his full term in the Oval Office.

Price of Prejudice

Bigots who voted Trump to satisfy their Christian white supremacy urges are now witnessing the culmination of the hate campaign against Obamacare. For the bigots on Medicaid, this is the test of their loyalty to Trump. Will they happily surrender the health insurance their families depend on, or will they put self-interest first?

After announcing his plan to abandon the disabled, the working poor, and the elderly, Trump’s approval rating dropped to 37%. Even a Republican member of Congress can read those tea leaves.

The GOP split with Trump over cutting public health infrastructure goes to a vote in Congress today. This is a test of Paul Ryan’s ability to push through brutal austerity laws under the model of his fascist mentor in Chile, Jose Pinera. Ironically, the deciding factor won’t be public protests by liberals, but rather the reaction of the radical right.

Racial Feudalism

The wisdom of the Founding Fathers of America was institutionalizing safeguards against tyranny. Knowing first-hand that theirs was a society in which human beings could be bought and sold, they established a system of governance commensurate with such moral depravity. As the maverick GOP takes the reins of all branches of the U.S. Government on January 20, this pattern of malign neglect in search of return to the promised land of racial feudalism becomes ever clearer.

Challenging Racism

Lummi Nation planning commissioner Sharlaine LaClair, Democrat, will take on incumbent Luanne Van Werven in the general election for the 42nd district house of representatives in the Washington State legislature. In 2013, in her role as vice-chair of the Washington Republican Party, Van Werven facilitated money-laundering from the Cherry Point coal export consortium to the Tea Party-led PACs established by KGMI radio host Kris Halterman, who in 2012 and 2013 hosted Elaine Willman from CERA–the “Ku Klux Klan of Indian Country”–on her program Saturday Morning Live three times. Willman was part of the headline at the anti-Indian conference held in Bellingham WA on April 6, 2013, and stated “Tribalism is socialism, and has no place in our country!”

Note: For more on organized racism in Whatcom County, see Netwar at Cherry Point: White Power on the Salish Sea.

Learning from the Right

In 1989, UC Berkeley published Jerome Himmelstein’s study To the Right about the transformation of American conservatism in the Reagan years (1980s), that led to the present influence of Christian white nationalism in the GOP. In a nutshell, they began building a grassroots movement by taking over local school boards, then local governments, and eventually state governments. Now, they are influential in both Congress and the RNC. It didn’t happen overnight.