Path of Least Resistance

As the driving force of American fascism and the subverting instrument of capitalism, respectively, the Christian Right and the NPIC combine to deprive pro-democracy citizens of a voice in public affairs. Resisting the fascist movement in the US thus requires an understanding of the religious right and the non-profit industrial complex. Research on these tools of social engineering is extensive, but popular education is largely absent.

Organizing by the Wall Street-funded NPIC of a so-called “resistance” epitomizes the absurdity of American ignorance about public affairs, and suggests that ineffective public gestures such as marches and protests will continue to dominate communication and journalism on the topic. Communicating social transformation, on the other hand, will take a lot more effort and engagement with social and public institutions.

Conducting opposition research, attending public meetings, taking over state and local Democratic Party organizations, and volunteering with grassroots human rights groups is tiring, but it is the only way to change things for the better. Becoming a mindless follower of Wall Street-funded non-profits that coordinate campaigns and choreograph events leads to more of the same.

The Christian Right has tirelessly followed the formula for success for forty years now, and has succeeded in putting their man in the White House as Vice President — one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. With dreams of a fascist theocracy within reach, their demands to promote bigotry and to punish the poor are already on the Congressional agenda. Fighting such horrors by wearing silly outfits and wielding slogans is simply ridiculous.

Due to cowardice, laziness, and widespread ignorance, most concerned citizens will opt for the path of least resistance — signing petitions, putting bumper stickers on their cars, or donating to a campaign. The fascists, meanwhile, are counting on them to surrender without a fight.