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Opposing Tribal Rights

In an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of tribal sovereignty and cultural resource protection, the Seattle Times editorial board conflates treaty fishing rights of Northwest Indians with undue political influence. Rather than acknowledge the jurisdictional interest pertaining to land and water use affecting salmon reproduction–retained by the tribes in the treaties with the US–the Times board adopts the anti-Indian position promoted by former Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna, himself known for his inflammatory, racist remarks.


Intentional Incitement

It doesn’t get much stranger than a gay racist — invited to speak by Berkeley College Republicans — shut down by student protest and catalyzed by anarchists, who started a fire on the main student plaza, and then broke Bank of America and Wells Fargo windows nearby. If the Presidential Muslim ban is an indicator of things to come, intentional incitement on college campuses is part of a game plan by Republicans to justify criminalizing protest, which has already been introduced as legislation in eight states.

Free speech, of course, does not mean unopposed speech, and the students did good. The anarchists are just part of the mix, and understandable after the docility of liberals under Obama.
If the anarchists want to rumble, I suggest they practice on the American Nazi Party or Christian Patriots. Someone needs to kick their ass, and it won’t be police.
The recent women’s marches and protests at airports over the Muslim ban are energizing young people who were betrayed by the DNC sabotaging Bernie Sanders. They should be pissed off about that, and use that anger to take over the Democratic Party at the state level.
Those that can’t restrain themselves will continue with vandalism against justifiable targets, but what’s a few broken windows or scorched lawns when democracy is at stake? Revolution is never neat and tidy.

Silence of Complacency

The Moral Universe of Progressive Gatekeepers

By Jay Taber

I was thinking about my new piece, which I sent to the usual progressive gatekeepers in Seattle media, and was pondering the reluctance of all of them to ever use the word ‘racism’ in any of their coverage of the fossil fuel export war between Coast Salish Nation and Wall Street. Warren Buffett, like his friend Bill Gates, never gets exposed for profiting from racism; indeed, racism doesn’t exist in the progressive gatekeepers’ moral universe, except when applied to mental morons like the militias. In fact, no mainstream media has even mentioned Wise Use terrorism since September 1992, when CBS 60 Minutes did a twenty-minute segment that showed clips of property-rights ideologues without exposing the industrial sources of their funding.


Part of the problem, I think, is that the pious poseurs that comprise the human rights industry avoid the topic like the plague–as it is too scary for them to deal with, and it involves mustering the courage to criticize the industrial villains who are also heavy-hitters of philanthropy. Warren Buffett, funder of 350, is a case in point. Same with Bill Gates.


This intentional omission by progressive media and activists has, of course, been thoroughly exposed by yours truly and my Canadian colleague, Cory Morningstar–which makes us pariahs in the minds of those dependent on handouts from the financial elite, i.e. Ford, Rockefeller, Soros, et al. Indeed, it is the reason that Public Good Project has been largely shunned by the financially-dependent writers who used our work without giving us credit for the last twenty years. I don’t expect this situation to change, and as Paul de Armond said, we’re still better off with them than without them, but that doesn’t mean we have to keep quiet about it.


Straight Talk Hate Talk

When it comes to professional conduct, attorneys, physicians and elected officials are subject to review by their peers through private associations and public commissions. They can face disbarment, censure, loss of licenses to practice, as well as removal from office through recall and impeachment.

For the public relations industry, however, no such oversight exists. While lying for a living has been normalized in American society, promoting racism still has to face the court of public opinion. Admittedly, this is a challenging task in light of the consolidation of private equity media ownership, but unethical conduct can still be exposed on the Internet.

A case in point is straight talk hate talk. Straight Talk Consulting’s Craig Cole, spokesman for Gateway Pacific Terminal (GPT) and Director of Northwest Jobs Alliance — a front group for GPT — has spent the last four years drumming up resentment against Lummi Nation, a member of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians (ATNI), in order to overcome its opposition to fossil fuel export in its traditional territory–especially in five ATNI member tribes’ Usual and Accustomed treaty fishing areas.

Cole’s misconduct has been extensively documented in online publications, including a September 2015 expose at IC Magazine, a publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies–a think tank established in 1979 by leaders from the National Congress of American Indians and the Assembly of First Nations in Canada. In March 2014, award-winning Native American journalist Terri Hansen exposed the GPT-funded, Tea Party-led PACs and their ally Citizens Equal Rights Alliance (CERA) — the “Ku Klux Klan of Indian country” — in a feature story at Indian Country Today.

Exposure of Cole’s direct involvement in facilitating financial and organizational connections between promoters of anti-Indian racism and fossil fuel industrial developers in the Pacific Northwest recently garnered investigative journalist Sandra Robson the prestigious Paul deArmond Citizen Journalism award. Robson’s groundbreaking feature stories on GPT and Cole won her Public Good Correspondent awards in both 2014 and 2015.

While Cole’s threatened libel suit against Robson never materialized, as Northwest Citizen reported in February 2014, this was a classic corporate effort to silence journalists. In a follow-up article, the editor observed that mainstream media in the greater Seattle region declined to mention this very important news.

Named a Fellow by the National Association of Corporate Directors, “the highest level of corporate credentialing for corporate directors and corporate governance professionals” in February 2014, Cole, who was simultaneously threatening journalists, exhibited an astonishing level of hubris for a promoter of racism. As a former liberal, now Tea Party hero, Cole must find it difficult to rationalize his misconduct since selling his soul to Wall Street. Meanwhile, the National Association of Corporate Directors might want to reconsider Cole’s fellowship.


White Power vs Northwest Indians

Of interest to the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians — as they battle big oil and big coal — are two new posters at Public Good Project, that highlight the organized racism of fossil fuel export on the Salish Sea, between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Gateway Pacific Terminal Hall of Shame profiles the promoters of the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point, site of Lummi Nation’s salmon and crab harvest, as well as ancient village and burial ground.

Gateway Pacific Terminal Timeline chronicles the connections between the Tea Party, CERA (the “Ku Klux Klan of Indian country”), and the GPT consortium.