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High Crime

In an investigative podcast about military atrocities against Third and Fourth World peoples in the way of mega-plantations, ProPublica reports on the criminal conduct of the World Bank. Focused on palm oil plantations in Honduras, where in 2009 President Obama supported the military coup enabling ‘sweatshop state’ development, the investigation is the latest revelation about the New Economy lauded by the UN in conjunction with uber-capitalists like Bill Gates.


Axis of Evil

The ‘New Economy’ unveiled by the global financial elite at COP21 has two main components: 1. ‘clean energy’, and 2. ‘sustainable capitalism’. These, in turn, comprise two of the elements of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the 21st Century–a partnership project between Wall Street, the UN and international NGOs, i.e. Avaaz, Ceres, Purpose and 350.

The primary promoters of the ‘New Economy’, ‘clean energy’ and ‘sustainable capitalism’–that form the core of the UN SDGs–are Bill Gates, Jeremy Heimans (Avaaz & Purpose) and Bill McKibben (350). Economic development under the SDGs relies on financial investment from the World Bank, and compliance enforcement from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)–in partnership with Wall Street and regional investment banks.

The results of this ‘sustainable capitalism’ can already be seen in the form of mega-dams, mega-plantations, and mega-mining projects in South America, Africa and Asia. This industrial development–while profitable to the investors–has unfortunately resulted in major deforestation, toxic pollution of fresh water, and ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples who formerly called these territories home.

Adjacent to the mega-dams, mega-plantations, and mega-mines of the ‘New Economy’ are makeshift camps for the industrial laborers, as well as rural shanty towns for displaced farmers and fishermen. The Indigenous peoples–those that aren’t murdered by corporate security personnel working in tandem with the police and military–are frequently relocated to urban slums far away, where many die a slow death of poverty and substance abuse.

The mega-dams provide electricity for industry, including the processing of minerals from the mega-mines, as well as the GMO soy and palm oil produced on the mega-plantations. The ‘clean energy’ minerals include gold, copper, and lithium, which are used in consumer electronics, solar panels, wind mills, and batteries for electric vehicles. They also include coal, oil, and uranium that is used to fuel the electrical grids in countries such as France, Japan and the UK.

In countries like Australia, Canada and the US, the development of gold, coal, oil and uranium mining on the lands of Indigenous peoples caused significant displacement, pollution, genocide and disease throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, and is now the reason for uprisings, terrorism and wars in places like Mali, the Philippines, West Papua, the Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. In order to destroy Indigenous opposition to this displacement and dispossession by multinational corporations, the UN Security Council — led by the US — has supported NATO invasions in places such as Libya, as well as an increased presence by AFRICOM–the US military forces in Africa.

The ‘clean energy’ plan of the UN, Wall Street and NGOs–that championed the financial elite at COP21–relies on two primary projects: 1. a global nuclear power renaissance, and 2. privatization of Indigenous and public resources worldwide. If the UN SDGs already comprising ‘sustainable capitalism’ are the ‘New Economy’, how does that differ from the old one?


Grinding Grist

In case you were wondering why Grist magazine, based in Seattle, is pro-GMO and pro-Nukes (as is Bill Gates),  following the money is probably a good place to start. Funders of Grist include Tides Foundation (an oil industry money laundry), Ford Foundation (a partner of the World Bank in ethnic cleansing of Indigenous peoples worldwide), and the Rockefeller Brothers (inheritors of the Standard Oil fortune).

Enough said.

Drug War Capitalism

Militarization under the pretext of the drug war, says journalist Dawn Paley, is essential to capitalist expansion. Opening new spaces for capital in countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia, using massacres to terrorize the population, notes Paley, leads to the destruction of communal and social ties that give strength to grassroots movements.


This war against lifeways contrary to US/IMF/World Bank dictates, she observes, requires intense repression by market capitalism. To counter this reality, Paley says, media in the US and its client states characterizes the massacred and disappeared as insurgents, leading oblivious Americans to believe the state-centric, market-oriented drug war narrative.

Millenium Development Goals: Wall Street's Global Plan

Poverty-pimping is as old as liberalism; broken promises likewise. Under neoliberalism, though, this betrayal is orchestrated as humanitarian. As adishonest broker, the UN plays a key role in this fraud.


Promising relief from poverty, disease, and oppression, ubercapitalists and sycophants like Gates and Clinton join the IMF and World Bank in supporting the UN Millenium Development Goals. As contributing architects of the final solution, the Gates and Clinton foundations lend a philanthropic veneer to Free Market brutality under the guise of promoting equality.


While this veneer might seem laughable to anyone paying attention, it holds considerable sway when repackaged by NGOs acting as fronts for Wall Street. Like the humanitarian war charade and Free Market Ponzi schemes over climate change, pimping poverty relief through mega-development on indigenous territories requires expertise in controlling minds.


The illusion of ubercapitalist philanthropy, now unraveling in the aftermath of the Buffett/350 scandal, was dealt another blow with the revelation of Gates Foundation investments in G4S — a company “highly complicit in the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.” While social engineering by the capitalist elite, using private foundations, is as old as tax loopholes, mobilized Free Market multitudes is largely a social media phenomenon.


As Michael Barker notes, most telling are the covert, anti-democratic campaigns funded by corporations like Microsoft. By manipulating media, Gates foundation – like Ford and Rockefeller – undermines democracy worldwide. The philanthropic colonization of civil society is just one more means of their corrosive social engineering.

Domination Globalisation Intervention

Presenting an alternative to state domination, Rudolph C. Ryser of the Center for World Indigenous Studies proposes instead honoring Fourth World nations. Kurds, Nagas, Papuans, Mayans and Tuaregs — once liberated from state control — could resume governing themselves without state and UN interference. Self-governance in the Fourth World, however, would require states relinquishing some of their legal, economic and military power–something they will not do without significant pressure.

While accommodating Fourth World political engagement with UN member states is preferable to violent engagement, the architecture of the UN is oriented toward state domination of indigenous nations through economic sanction and military force. Indeed, as the World Bank, NATO, and UN member states exercise this domination, Fourth World nations like Basque, Tibet, Palestine, Biafra, West Papua and Kurdistan have been forced to defend themselves.

Only a handful of Fourth World nations are member states of the UN–Samoa, Estonia and Armenia to name a few. The rest of the them, like Scotland and Catalonia, remain frustrated in their desire for self-governance. As they slowly establish their political equality with UN member states, there is a chance to reduce armed violence between states and nations.

An impediment to peace under the UN system of international law, however, is the development of NATO as an arm of state aggression against Fourth World nations under the guise of humanitarian interventions, in countries like the former Yugoslavia, Libya and Syria. Thus destabilized, these states become arenas of international violence involving tribes, institutions, markets and networks–some of whom employ economic and military terrorism.

Acting in tandem with UN-sanctioned aggresion are journalists at the Associated Press, BBC and CNN, as well as state-sponsored NGOs like USAID and National Endowment for Democracy.  With aggression characterized as “humanitarian” by these embedded journalists, who often spy on behalf of NATO, critics like Centre for the Study of Interventionism provide a sobering contrast to the reflexive enthusiasm expressed by mindless consumers of military spectacle.

As Michel Chossudovsky documented in The Globalisation of Poverty, monetary attacks by UN agencies that lead to civil war illustrate that globalization is not just an economic model, but a plan of war. That war, which is by definition global, is quite simply the exercise of power by the financial sector in undermining the powers of the state (or nation) to the benefit of the free market.

The fact consumers of social media are so easily manipulated into supporting NATO aggression by fabricated myths of humanitarian intent, is testimony to the power of psywar. As reported at Wrong Kind of Green, even Amnesty International USA has been co-opted by NATO interventionists. As noted in The Politics of Naming, the pornography of violence by Western human rights organizations — that require a simple moral world of evil perpetrators and innocent victims — justifies military interventions by dismissing diplomacy and undermining power-sharing, thus escalating conflict and bloodshed.