We Have Drawn the Line

To: All Members of the United States Senate
All Members of the House of Representatives

We Have Drawn The Line!

We are sick of government efforts to restrict our right to keep and bear arms! We will no longer beg you to uphold the Constitution. We will no more plead that you respect our rights.

We gun owners will accept no more gun control! The debate is over. We draw the line!

If you deny our inalienable rights and outlaw any weapons, ammunition or firearms accessories, we will not obey your “law”!

If you ever come to get our guns, we will oppose force with force!

70 million gun owners will not voluntarily turn in their weapons. Perhaps 35 million (50%) will comply under threat or force, but 35 million (50%) will not comply. They will Keep and conceal their weapons for future use.

More than 7 million (10%) have already prepared for civil war. Millions across this nation now believe that an armed struggle for freedom may be inevitable. 700,000 (1%) (including many veterans, law enforcement personnel, and well trained civilians) will begin to fight against the elitist one-worlders who now control the government, the media, and the nation’s finances; and who are sacrificing U.S. sovereignty for a U.N. world government. Patriots know who the traitors are, and will never submit to the emerging police state here in America.

We speak not from the extreme fringe; but rather as responsible, working, productive, God-fearing citizens who love their Country and its Constitution. If rebellion, revolution or civil war comes to America, it will have been caused by a government out of control, a government which has lost the understanding that it is the servant of the people and the guarantor of their liberties, not their master and oppressor. You, the Congress, authorize, fund and control the government. You will be responsible for the tragedy.

No compromises or half-way measures will be tolerated. All gun control legislation, including those that are included in the present “Crime Bill,” must be rejected‹now and in the future.

We have spoken for the last time!

Sovereign Citizens of the United States

“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves from the tyranny of government!”

Thomas Jefferson, President

United States of Americayujknh


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