J20 Trials

Crushing dissent isn’t new to the White House; Bush and Obama both had the FBI arrest innocent protesters and journalists in order to keep democracy down. The difference with Trump is that his Justice Department under U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions–a long-time opponent of civil rights–is out to imprison those it perceives as subversives under conspiracy to riot for merely being in proximity to people who commit vandalism. Like Reagan’s AG Ed Meese, Sessions appears fixated on destroying Constitutional guarantees of free speech and lawful dissent.


Visual Messages

The International Journal of Communication, Volume 10, 2016 has two insightful pieces for those interested in how mass audiences are influenced by campaign and news images:
As noted in the above article and book review, visual shapes illustrate emotions, and merge with verbal meanings to create a holistic rhetorical message. Through the manipulation of simple shapes into a typopictorial design, and consequently the activation of existing mental associations, logos communicate prosperity, hope, and ideas that are relevant to people.
Press photographs have a narrative structure, and are part of an interactional system involving the relationship between the image, viewers, and the participants represented in the image. The compositional system involves framing, salience, and the reading path of the image.

In this structure, the nucleus includes the heading, the image, and a prosodic tail. The heading often relies on wordplay, calling on experiences of the reader to decode, while the image tends to depict represented participants in an eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing manner. The satellite is the caption text that consists of the experiential orientation and the contextual extension. The experiential orientation functions to clarify and sharpen our understanding of the image, while the contextual extension aims to extend beyond what is needed for readers to understand the image.

Zapatista and Netwar

Through his interviews, research and analysis, Jay conveys the lessons of his experience and that of others, from which anyone committed to human rights struggles can benefit. As an introduction to the topic, Communications in Conflictis uniquely suited to serve as a touchstone for those who realize the connection between intelligent communications and networked power.

— John Ahniwanika Schertow Editor and Publisher intercontinentalcry.org 20 January, 2013

Doctoring Dysfunction

As noted at The Intercept, the stranglehold on health care by doctors, private insurers and drug-makers has killed any chance of the Affordable Care Act ever working. Medicare for all is the only way to make Americans healthy, and is the ticket to a Democratic Congress in 2018.

Unfinished Business

The vital thread of social continuity from the Civil Rights era to the present is a lifeline linking researchers, analysts and organizers worldwide. That thread, embodied by Human Rights leaders, includes scholars and colleagues of the Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS) whom were directly involved in struggles from North America to South Africa. As First Nations around the globe implement laws consistent with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, this Human Rights network is called upon to take care of this unfinished business.